Joe Shimkets

Joe started riding by stumbling upon good ol’ Dormont Stadium by building trails in the dust, as well as tweaking some 180’s, 1 footers, and 1 handers off of the fly-out at Pauline.

joe shimkets unturndown

Trick: Unturndowns
Trails: Whited
Street Spot: Fort Pitt Bridge
Music: punk/ska/hardcore
Beer: Railbender, yuenling, pbr, anything as long as its beer.

Bike Info:
frame: S&M Stricker
bars: Odyssey Vet Bars
stem: Old ass standard
headset: dk mph and its gold
forks: odyssey race forks 41 thermal
seat: voxom
seat post: odyssey
cranks: primo
chainwheel: imperial
chain: kmc 410
pedals: Old ass s&m from spanky
freewheel: odyssey cassette
wheels: Ebay suzue front hub laced to odyssey rims
tires: Primo
grips: Primo

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