dustin tailwhipDustin started riding back in the 80s. By the final decade of last century he was racing at South Park. After taking up smoking, he decided to retire from racing and concentrate on dirt jumps as it is less stressful on your emotions, and lungs.

Trails: Any thingthat puts me in the air.
Street Spot:Any where i can either catch air or manual.
Beer: Yuengling or PBR
Music: Punk/horror rock/metal

Bike Info
Frame: Standard Trailboss
Forks: Standard BMX
Bars: Standard Strip
Stem: Primo Casket
Cranks: Profile 180mm
Chain: bits of everyone’s old ones.
Rims: Front – Sun BFR / Rear – Primo Pro
Hubs: Front – Peregrine / Rear – Odyssey cassette
Gear: Customized profile
Pedals: bent ass welgo’s
Seat: Primo Hemroid pad
seat post: Poverty
brakes: old 990’s
lever: dirty hairy?
grips: primo ribbed?

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