Louisiana Trails

History of Lousiana:
I first visited these trails i think back in 1999. When i got there, there was a set of quads along a creek, a single set coming down a hill and over a creek, and a massive table table a hundred yard from these two jumps. Next visit, the quads were a six pack, with a really gap for the 3rd set. Also there was a set of quads in the back, which was always dark and moist which got the name the Dark Side.

After a while a 4th set that was about 18′ was added to the big pack, and eventually a 5th set of equal size which rarely got hit.

The creek section also had a long race double added to it. its about 15′ long. and before that, there is about a 3′ long bump jump in front of that. Definitely a fun section.

The lil pack was added to the left of the big pack, which has undergone so many changes i cant even tell where to begin. It is currently a 12 pack with a decent hip for the last set.

The dark side also has gone through many changes. currently its an 10 pack, but has probably been eaten by weeds. in the past there have been hips and transfers through it, but i guess the rain took that away.

Future plans:

fuck if i know… ask rick.

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