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Home Ownership – Day 5

Sunday Morning, before I  managed to secure a truck to move some furniture from old house to new house, I decided to do some final yard work at the Brookline house.  Mowing the back yard, I notice a bunch of … Continue reading

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Home Ownership – Day 1

I spent the evening painting the storage room underneath the front porch with dry-lock, as it showed a little water staining.  I must say, I am not a fan of using dry lock, as it seems to spread as easy … Continue reading

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Home Ownership – Day 0

Today marks a very important date for Misty and I.  We closed on a house! I am particularly surprised we got it, mostly because of my past credit discrepancies, which I dragged my credit score down to something below 450. … Continue reading

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Supercharge your Productivity

all credit goes to this lifehacker article:How to Supercharge your Productivity the Richard Branson Way, i am just reposting as to avoid ads for myself. Tim Ferriss wrote in his book The Four Hour Body about an occasion where a … Continue reading

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refinishing alloy rim on the cheap

note: edit this later with more details… I am exhausted. I spent hours in direct sun doing this, but misty and I decided we were going to try to pretty up her car, and refinish her wheels. well 7 hours … Continue reading

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Mathews LX vs Martin Cheetah–Noise level

I’ve been having a problem trying to decide which of the two bows I own which I am willing to part with, either the used Mathews LX I bought from a coworker, or the Martin Cheetah that I found with … Continue reading

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Batch file to automatically reconnect RDP session

{the long part of the story} I have been experimenting with VDI type stuff at work, and recently, I turned my work PC into a XenServer, using version 6.  It’s mostly just a test, but it was kind of necessary … Continue reading

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Samsung dart screenshot how to.

I couldnt figure out how this was happening, until today. In order to get a screen capture, hold the back arrow for a second, then hit the home key at same time. Attached is an example. Did you like this? … Continue reading

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Fraudulent ebay sellers infuriate me.

I have used ebay for over a decade, and not once have been scammed. well, come to think of it, maybe once, over a $10 order from a body jewelry shop back in the 90s.  Recently however, I have gotten … Continue reading

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Weather change causes stupidity?

This morning it was a whopping 55°F outside, and I decided to take the motorcycle to work. On my way in, there is a street that is generally about 5°F cooler than the rest of the trip.  It was kind … Continue reading

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