What was milkacow.com?
Well, starting back in 2000 or so, milkacow.com was just something I used to fuck around with when I could not sleep. This website was basically intended to keep myself humored, and for training purposes. This site had no real purpose; Just a boring old computer geeks home web server. Some people found it funny, others probably not so much.  As long as I was not playing Unreal Tournament, I was happy. In college, my Network Administration classes were not teaching me what I wanted to learn, so I went out on a limb, bought a domain, and went with it on my own.

I wanted to make something great out of milkacow.com, but it generally ended up being a blog/forum/photo gallery.  Then the myspaces and the facebooks came in, and traffic on the server pretty much died.  Now, it is just there.

Why the domain name?
Believe it or not, I used to get this question a lot. Once, I was hanging out and this fat drunk bitch asked me my last name, in which I replied with my last name. She looked at me strangely and asked if I said milkacow? I found this slightly weird, considering I always referred to her as moocow. But that is how that started, then the name stuck for a few years, and when trying to decide on a domain name it was available, so I bought it. yay.

Where is it going now?
Honestly, I have no idea.  I pretty much test stuff on this site for use in real life applications.  Right now, I am considering a new CMS to use, which would make this site more sensible, but… we shall only see.

so, for now, just click around… and enjoy your time at whatever you may find.

note: this site is in now way affiliated with Kraft food, or the Milka Cow.  I am the real milkacow, as indicated by the  tattoo on my stomach.