Home Ownership – Day 1

I spent the evening painting the storage room underneath the front porch with dry-lock, as it showed a little water staining.  I must say, I am not a fan of using dry lock, as it seems to spread as easy as cold butter on a waffle. 

I left the house to go to bed with misty in brookline at exactly 1:11am. I know this time to be exact, because I went to grab an energy drink on the way out the door, and noted the time on the stove as all the same numbers on the clock is “wish time”. I cannot tell you what I wished for Winking smile… So I turned off all the lights, including the front porch, and proceed towards the jeep.  This makes the front yard, walkway, and driveway very dark, as the nearest street lights are about something around 50 to 100 yards away.   I was walking down the steps, and a small white animal was approaching me and I was walking towards it.   I thought “oh wonderful, the neighbors have a cat.” and start to bend down to pet it.  It didn’t want to be pet, and it turned to run to the back of the house.  This is when I noticed this was not a cat. It was a large fat opossum.  I didn’t get his picture, but I named him as Scootch.

Now I recall back in my earlier days, opossums were little things that hung out of trees by their tails, like:

But that is not what I seen.  this possum was something like this:

only about the size of a large adult cat.

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