Weather change causes stupidity?

This morning it was a whopping 55°F outside, and I decided to take the motorcycle to work. On my way in, there is a street that is generally about 5°F cooler than the rest of the trip.  It was kind of chilly, but I managed my way in without gloves, hat, or even a zipped jacket.  I will ride the motorcycle to work, year-round as long as it is dry, and I guess my brain does get cold in December through March being that I don’t wear a hat or full face helmet.  Little did I think about how this can actually affect the human brain. 

Quickly after my arrival to the office I fired up Outlook to check my email. I noticed I got an email from “Me”.  Normally, if I don’t see a name, I just delete it, but the subject line started off with something else that grasped my attention.  Actually, I’ll just post the screenshot, and the proceeding instant messages:


There are 4 things here that when combined simply infuriated me.

  1. When sending email, you should really put your name in there instead of a pronoun.  Even just first name, or better, firstname and last initial, or even better… [gasp] your whole name.  Otherwise, people are likely to delete it without reading, if it makes it through a spam filter.
  2. A subject line is intended for a subject only, not the whole message.
  3. The message body is for details of your message.  In the event of an IT issue, this would be where to put error messages, and detailing when the errors occur.
  4. Wow! Thank you very much for the pertinent response!  

An example of how this email could have been composed better:

From: Dustin [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Remote Access Problem
Message: Good Morning Dustin, I am having some difficulty with remote access to my PC.  The VPN client remains connected, however I am getting the following error when attempting to connect to [computername] with Remote Desktop Connection: “This computer can’t connect to the remote computer”

Those three sentences would pinpoint me exactly where I need to go to resolve the issue, in this event, the remote computer in standby/hibernation. But instead, people neglect to include the actual details of the problem, thus causing themselves and me more frustration because… well I do not know why. Maybe Laziness? Stupidity? or Both?

I guess expecting details for problems is just too much to ask.

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