Cell Phone nonsense.

Yesterday I decided to head to a store to replace Misty’s cell phone which died an ugly death after hearing her complain about her LG Neon GT365 for the last year.  Being she is on AT&T, I opted to just grab a “Go Phone”, a pre-paid pantech p7040p, which was $59+ tax from radio shack.  I then put her SIM & memory card in it.  This worked wonders, well excluding her lost contacts, as her previous phone was not saving contacts to the SIM. Her new phone now unlocks properly, instead of a unlock loop thing she had going on (took 1-3 minutes to unlock it), is light as hell, battery life seems good, phone is nice and responsive.

then two things hit me:

1) looking at the box of this prepaid phone… $50/mo unlimited.  Why is prepaid service cheaper than contract customers? ie: Misty is paying $75 for like 450 min+ unlimited text.

2) AT&T is looking like it might be my next carrier. based of three things. 

  • SIM card awesomeness. no need to go online/call customer service to change devices.  Just pop your ol’ SIM card in and your ready to go.
  • CDMA is limited to data/voice one at a time. GSM isn’t.  but then again, LTE *should* do both at same time.
  • Similar to above, CDMA doesnt work many places outside US, but LTE is being implemented in a lot of countries.

I dunno… maybe I am just going crazy with my Motorola Droid simply not working in my house. 

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