MOSS 2007 Web Part Error – Windows SharePoint Services cannot deserialize the Web Part.

I got an error this morning when I went to access my sharepoint site that read as follows:

Web Part Error: One of the properties of the Web Part has an incorrect format. Windows SharePoint Services cannot deserialize the Web Part. Check the format of the properties and try again.

I checked Microsoft’s website and found this article, pertaining to temp files and IIS log file directory permissions, which was not the answer.

It was apparent after I logged into the server that I was completely out of disk space.  Drilling down using diruse.exe, it turned out to be the SQL server directory, particularly, the Sharepoint_Config log file, which was huge in size:
Sharepoint_Config_log huge

So I needed to shrink the log file, so I fired up SQL Server Management Studio (which wouldn’t load until I cleared out some temp files). right click the Sharepoint_Config Database, and click new query:
SQL Server Management Studion - New Query

Enter the following SQL command:
Backup Log with Truncate only and DBCC Shrink Command
and hit Execute.

The Log file is now shrunk down as small as it could go:
Sharepoint_Config Shrunk

And now my Web Parts work again.


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