Netflix on Droid data usage experiment

I am very curious as to how much data is used from using Netflix on a mobile device. This has probably been done before, but I am going to do it myself. I grabbed a snapshot of my data usage prior to starting this experiment:


Not a whole lot.

I am going to watch 1 TV show while I am here at work.

I have disabled facebook, email, and anything else that I could think that would poll for data automatically, for the day.

[the next day]

results are in:


so it appears that ~1 hour of watching netflix over a 3G signal amounts to ~100MB.  It should also be noted that after said hour, my battery life went from 90% to 20%, with the display taking up 60%, media server 20% and netflix 10%.

will I continue to use netflix on my phone? I highly doubt it.

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