Server Updates

At one point around 6 months ago, i was doing some SEO research online. This is when I noticed that some sites were reporting the as being owned by “big blue” inc. since i was running that site from the datacenter there.  This didnt sit well with me, so i downed the server, and burned the virtual server to a dvd.

Yesterday, i decided i need to find a webhost with full blown ssh access, which is when I came across the VPS Host called Linode.  This host is reasonably priced, gives me my own dedicated virtual server, and very minimal control panel, and that is all I wanted.

So last night, I decided to try to get that site back online, after moving this site to the new server. After sifting through maybe 50 unlabeled dvds/cds on my cd holder, I didnt find it. this took hours, and i didnt even find what i wanted. then got the bright idea that maybe i left it in the dvd drive of my last dead computer, which i tore apart, and packed up every piece into a boxes. low and behold, there it was.

I hope your all ready for which would you bang spam.

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