WordPress – Remove Site Title and Description along with footer texts

A while ago, I removed the Site Title, Site Description from the default WordPress theme TwentyTen header, along with the Footer site info and site generator.  Then I upgraded the wordpress install, and the stuff came back.  Being I intend on using wordpress a lot, I am just going to jot down here what I did to make it so this stops happening every time I upgrade.

go to your theme directory(/var/www/wp-content/themes/ in my case), and create a new directory, something like: twentyten-custom

create a new file in there called style.css and fill it with the following:


Theme Name:     Twenty Ten without Site title, Description, and Footer

Theme URI:      http: //[your-url]

Description:    My customized Twenty Ten Child-theme

Author:         [your name]

Author URI:     http: //[your url]/about

Template:       twentyten

Version:        1.0.0


@import url(“../twentyten/style.css”);

#site-title {

text-indent: -999em;


#site-title a {

text-indent: -999em;


#site-description {

text-indent: -999em;



padding: 1px 0 0;


#site-info {



#site-generator {



then from the control panel, select the new child-theme, and reassign the header and background images, and voila! your done.

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1 Response to WordPress – Remove Site Title and Description along with footer texts

  1. Starr Dillenburg says:

    I just visited this page through a link and wanted to inform you that the layout is a bit messed up, the footer looks a little distorted. At least in Netscape, so the error might be on my side.

    Only wanted to let you know about it so you could look into it if you want to…

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