Hidden camera in media center.

So I was going through some of my computer geek crap, and came across on old piece of shit logitech webcam.  I should have just thrown it away, but instead I decided to try to do something fun with it.  I dissected it to see how big the chip was, simply by unscrewing one screw.  I then realized I can fit it in a 5” drivebay with ease.  I unscrewed the front lens, painted it black after masking it off, drilled a hole in the plastic bay cover, just enough for it to snap it, routed the USB cable out the back, and voila!  then using yawcam for simplicity, and forwarding around some port forwarding, I can now see my couch from anywhere I go with my smartphone…


ok I understand it’s not really “hidden” but it is rather discrete.  when misty sees this, she is gonna be maaaad.


I really do stupid shit when I am bored…

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