replacing xp with thinclients for industrial pc’s

This week, i got really, really sick of windows xp sp3 running on some
Advantech PPC-123T Industrial Panel PC’s which consist of 500MHz Celeron
processors with 256MB of 100MHz RAM, with hard drives varying from 4GB to
10GB. Drive space was limited with windows updates filling up on of the
hard drives, thus preventing printing problems with the spoolers not having
any room on the drive. Speed was becoming a serious issues, particularly
after deploying Office 2007 viewers. Hardware problems with heat because
fans clog with shop dust… the list goes on… I just want these machines
to work, i don’t want to fuck around with hardware problems. So… I went
ahead and:

1) Built a windows terminal server specifically used for SAP using

2) Created a 16MB thinclient image using tinycore linux that has only
RDP with serial port redirection, and if a user disconnects, resets power,
etc, it logs straight back into terminal server.

So far, i have deployed 4 of them and i think i need a dedicated server
instead of using a vmware server for this, because the last one seemed to be
crawling… but here is to hoping linux saves the day .

Sidenote: i am really considering rolling out thinclients (like those
jack-pc’s) to all non-mobile staff.

Sidenote 2: here is another “something is wrong with the printer” pic.

i work with some real fucking jerks…

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