Cracked my Motorola Droid, AGAIN!

It has been less than a month since I have replaced the screen on my Droid.  Hopefully I didn’t forget how I did it, because I have already cracked the replacement:


This time, the phone which was going for a ride in my hoodie pocket without a seatbelt on, and it slipped out, and fell down the stairs.  As it was bouncing down the stairs, I thought it was going to be safe as the case was on it.  About 6 stairs down, the hard plastic case became loose and seperated.  I laughed.  Then I walked down the stairs to get it, and don’t ya know… the fuckin screen cracked again. and I laughed some more.

Here goes another $30 for a digitizer (touch screen), and another hour of two of ripping it apart.  I can’t wait to get a different model, because this is getting annoying.  If I wasn’t developing an Android App, I would just activate an older non-smart phone.

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