Windows Live Mesh

So I am testing live mesh 2011 today…

its rather neat, as you can sync file from multiple systems over LAN and WAN. for instance, I am syncing my pictures from my home computers to my netbook at work, as seen below:


I like it for the most part, with two exceptions thus far:

  • the fact that I cannot sync Misty’s files without logging her in and signing her up for a live-id.  You can select any folder from the original client, but the destination ends up being in the current users homepath on the other system(s).   Configuring a folder outside of the current user’s homepath is kind of a pain in the dick.  from the original system, select the folder, in my case, “c:\users\misty\pictures”, and click sync. when prompted as to which computer, leave the selections empty and click ok.  it will create the entry “my pictures” or “my pictures 1” if you already were syncing a pictures folder.  go to the other system, load live mesh, and you will see the new synced folder. click sync, and select the destination folder.
  • it uses a hidden file with a .wlx extension, which annoyed me greatly, because I always enable viewing hidden files.  I turned them off for the time being.
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