Windows Home Server – a brief review

About a month ago, i wrote an article in regard to trying to decide my Home Network Storage dilemma. Today, we get a review/rant.

At first use, Windows Home Server seemed AWESOME! Every windows system i
added to the Home Server was being backed up automatically, daily… A
super-awesome feature. I was able to log in, recover files, and whatever.

At some point, about a week ago, i decided to install OSX on my netbook…
doing so wiped my entire hard drive clean. I figured, “fuck it i got
backups.” Three days ago, i decided i wanted XP back on it. This is where

Low and behold, i did not have a disc image of my netbook on my external
drive, as I originally thought. So i turned to WHS to recover the system.
Using the recovery cd through an external cd-rom proved to be a failure, as
the system kept throwing “a network error occured”, even though the network
adapter was being detected correctly. After some tinkering, I determined
that since WinPE (the recovery cd) looks like Vista, it probably needs Vista
drivers. This worked swimmingly, for *that* problem, which it was necessary
to create a bootable USB recovery disk. Next up, after blasting off the
non-windows partitions, I noted that the recovery app was now trying to
restore a ~140GB parition to a ~150GB… you know what that means?? yep,
WHS did not back up the system as a disk image. i was able to restore the
“C:” drive only, so my recovery partition was LOST.

So… that fuckin useless fuck of a Windows Home Server sitting under my
entertainment center, could not properly restore my system.  the files, yes.

After numerous attempts, thanks to TPB, i was able to get a Clonezilla image
of a ZG5 which i was able to restore over samba. Note: when using
clonezilla over samba, and i imagine disk, make sure the image files are not
in a mount point, and in a folder under a root.

example: \\server\share\[imagename]\

So yea… getting rid of WHS, maybe i’ll try PING or something. If i wasn’t
cheap, i’d use Acronis… as that solution is 200x better.

my two cents…

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