sick of smartphones

I also am getting very sick of being a Smartphone owner, despite their awesomeness.

• pros: awesome social connectivity, decent camera, gps, basically any information I want at my fingertips
• cons: battery life, pocket space.

now I realize that battery life is reduced significantly in areas of low signal, regardless if its a smartphone like my droid or blackberry, or my nokia… whatever. it is however incredibly irritating when your battery does not last a whole day of hunting, especially when you did not sleep at all the evening prior. Throw in the urgent nead to drop a duece, and your waiting for the rest of your hunting party at the car for about an hour, in the dark, without keys to a car, and have no idea if anyone shot something, got lost in the woods, fell out of a tree stand, attacked by a pack of coyote or a bear, etc…

I guess I should just buy a aa battery powered charger and hope I remember to have charged batteries in it…

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