rant about google, adsense, and my stupidity


for months, i’ve tried to get an adsense account using this email account. it never worked, and my application sat in “pending status”.
i sent google an email months ago, which i never got a response.  at random, i went to check the “status” of my application, and today it showed as “incomplete”.  i refilled the information, and submitted, and within minutes, i get an email stating “declined because i already have one using a different email address.”
i checked that email address, and low and behold, there was in fact and email.  i have no idea how or when or why i ever used that email address for adsense, because it was before the last two of my sites launched.  i guess it was for sharpietagged.
regardless, now i have an adsense account hooked up to an email address i never use, and since it is gmail.com, i cant fucking change it. great.
in other news, adsense is cool.  much better than adbrite and commission junction.
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