the light bulb shituation, and planned weekend fun.

<random nonsense>

1) the light shituation
in light of the woman complaining that my living room is "dark and dreary" and it makes her want to go to sleep as soon as she gets in there, i went out and got 100w-comparable CFL bulbs to replace the 65w-comparable CFL bulbs in the two lamps in the living room, which has no overhead lighting.  
i'm not sure if maybe its because CFL bulbs take longer to reach peak luminosity, but even after like 5 minutes, there was no visible/noticable difference.
i guess i need lampshades that are not opaque.
2) archery season starts tomorrow. yay for waking up at 4:30am. and Luke is supposed to join this year, which i find incredibly weird.
3) i traded my tickets to the browns game for this weekends Raven's game. yay!
</random nonsense>

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