MP9 Spy pen – 2GB

I have recently acquired a 2GB MP9 Spy Pen Camera. The sole purpose of this was to record the stupidity of certain users at my workplace, because nobody really believes the bullshit i go through while doing my job, along with a discrete way to record a certain user that has not caught on to my work pranks.

Below is a pic of a few pens and a highlighter, for you to compare the size of these things. MP9 2GB Spy Pen Camera If you cannot tell, the MP9 camera is the 2nd from the top.

Off the bat, i thought this camera was going to be cool. It does look like a rather stylish pen if your not really paying attention to it. If you do pay close attention, you can see the three of the four holes, and the odd button on top.

MP9 2GB Spypen Camera Pinhole To access the USB connector, you simply unscrew the lowerhalf from the upper half. I recommend grabbing the shiny silver part instead of the pen grip to seperate the two. This is how the device will charge and, of course, access your recordings. It shipped with a 5V 300-330mA charger as well, with a USB extension. Honestly i do not know how long it takes to charge at this point, but it does records for over an hour on a single charge.

Its a fairly simple device to use. To activate recording you just hit the button on top. MP9 2GB Spypen Camera Recording Mode The LED will turn amber, and in a few seconds, blue. Blue means the device is recording. In order to stop recording, push the button on top, and the light will turn to Amber, meaning Standby. If you long press the button, while the LED is illuminated , it will turn the device off. When the device is in Standby mode, if you push the top button, it will take a snapshot photo.

While the simplicity and the size of this device are some outstanding pros, it also does come for some cons. Image quality is rather poor in both snapshot photos and while videos are awesome in quality, the audio in wind is god awful. Sitting at a desk in my pen holder, it sounds fine, but once background noise is involved, you can here the horrible bitrate, especially when clipped to your shirt while riding a motorcycle. Also, when recording high speed motion, you can see that this is a cheap camera. I cannot remember what it is called, but it visibly stretches vertical objects horizontally.

Two little things i noticed with a little tinkering:

  • If you hold the button and insert into the USB port, you can access the firmware files. Do not edit these files without properly backing them up. Editing these files can seriously brick your pen camera
  • If you dismount the usb drive through windows, then press and hold the button on the camera, Plug and Play will prompt you to install the drivers for an “Anyka USB Web Camera”, which you can find here. SCORE! This means, you can run an USB cable from you pc, through the desk, through a pen holder, and have a very discrete webcam. Then using something like Yawcam, you can have a motion detecting system which will email you upon detection…

Sample video:

So in conclusion, was this camera worth the $20, shipped from hong kong… hell yea. Would i pay any more? probably not.

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4 Responses to MP9 Spy pen – 2GB

  1. TJ says:

    I really like the video quality.. the sound need some improvement. Are you able to bypass the led recording light to be more covert?

  2. dustin says:

    TJ, sorry in my super delayed response… but yea, the sound is aweful. I wonder if there is a firmware update available for it, which i will try to look into. I do not know if you could disassemble it or anything like that to disable the LED completely, but one could just put a small piece of black electrical tape over the led after it is turned on. if one was to disable it completely, one would not be able to tell if it was powered on/off or recording or anything like that.

  3. promexint says:

    suddenly my pen is not charging/functioning. the led light comes only on charging but it seems not to be functioning. pl give me some solution. thanks

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