Bow speed crap

approaching hunting season, i always seem to forget some random info about my bow and arrow speed and kinetic energy stuff like that. posting it here so i have it for future reference:

this all started because i glanced at an arrow chart and saw i wasnt shooting the recommended arrows. it said i should be shooting heavier arrows, which i dont want to do, because i like my arrows to fly straight, instead of arching the shot for longer distances. so i had to check with mathews to see what arrow weight will void warranty, and the answer is anything less than 5 grain per draw weight. i am shooting 70lbs, so that would have made 350 grains, which is IBO. so… i then added up the arrow weight to be 373, so i am in the clear, but then i wanted to see what speed i was shooting, particularly since i was looking for a bow for luke.

what i found interesting is that every 3 grains of accessory weight on the string drops your FPS down 1 feet per second according to that website.

blah blah blah… im done writing now.

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