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what i wanted to do: from my windows 7 laptop, use the “play to” feature of Windows Media Player 12 to stream or “push” music to my Windows Media Center in my Homegroup.

in order to get the “play to” to function, i needed to have Media Player on the destination host open, and configured appropriately. generally, after assigning the permissions, you have to have the “allow remote control on my player” setting checked:

when this was running and open, everything went smooth, and i could push music to the destination host by right clicking an album, clicking play to, and my media center:

i figured since media center relies heavily on media player, i can just close media player and open media center and it just work. i was definitely wrong. after numerous failed attempts of changing settings in media player, i had to turn to the internets for some answers.

According to them there internets, Microsoft didn't want to include this feature in Media Center because they want you to use the media center to access the music library on the non-media center host using SMB networking. I did not want my media center's music library relying on my laptop, i wanted to keep them seperate. For some reason it seems microsoft is all about disorganization, and i am not into that. i like to know where things are when i want to find them.

So my solution, since my media center automatically logs in and fires up media center, was just simply add a shortcut to media player in the startup folder for that user. media player will run behind media center, and the only time you see it is on initial start.

here is what i find funny. using this “solution”, after you have media player running in the background and you stream the music to your media center, media center's “Now playing” corresponds directly to the what you are streaming to the media center. 🙂 works perfect for me.

is it i good solution? not really, but it definitely works.

sidenote: i did not test video, only audio.

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