Vuvuzela – office prank

the previous post inspired what i thought was a great office prank by abusing my Administrative Privileges. The goal: loop a track of a vuvuzela on every computer throughout the company.

to continue, you must have admin rights on all the pc's

here is how:

  • download the vuvuzela recording here.
  • save it to a network share which everyone has at least read permissions on.
  • because i wanted to be able to stop certain pc's i used a cmd.exe window for each PC. then issued the command:
    for /l %n in (0,1,10000) do psexec \\{computername} c:\WINDOWS\system32\sndrec32.exe /play /close \\{server}\share\vuvuleva.wav

  • repeat for each computer you want to play that annoying as fuck noise.
  • go to lunch

note 1: the user will not be able to see the sound recorder window, which is perfect because we don't want them to be able to stop it.

note 2: the best part about using the for loop from your computer, if the user reboots their computer, the sound will continue if the user gets frustrated enough to reboot the computer.

note 3: expect alot of voicemails/emails when you get back

🙂 i love abusing power.

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