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i am posting this here for my friends only, who *may* be willing to brick thier wii system at the risk of awesomeness. i have very little understanding of this system, so i wouldnt even bother asking me any questions about it.

on that note, this is how i did it on mine with the 4.2u menu version:
—on a PC—
downloaded the bannerbomb exploit for your wii menu version:
extract the contents to the root of a 2GB SD card

download the hackmii installer:
extracted boot.elf to the root of the SD card

—insert SD card into wii—
click the SD card icon.
and installer will launch.
i installed the Homebrew Channel and DVDX. i didnt install the bootmii, because i am not sure if i wanna install a new bootloader.

after that, you will have a homebrew channel, but it is useless.

exit the homebrew channel, and pull the SD card out, and put it in your PC. create a folder at the root of the SD card called apps

download the HomebrewBrowser:

extract the homebrew_browser folder to the apps folder on the SD card.

put the sd card back into the wii, then load the homebrew channel. you will see the homebrew_browser, click on that. once it loads, you can then download homebrew apps.

i tested NES emulater, Genesis Emulator, and DOOM, wiiradio, ftpii and web server (both are pretty useless, though in theory, you could FTP roms from the laptop so you dont have to pull the SD card) . Doom crashed on me alot.

in order to use the emulators, you need to download roms to the right place on the card in relation to the emulator (see wikipedia). i was getting them from here:

yea, and gotta disable updates to the wii so it doesnt brick, at least that is the general consensus. if you are going to install updates, uninstall the homebrew channel, then reinstall.

all in all, its kinda cool, but i didnt think it was worth the risk of bricking the wii, until i saw this:
for me, backing up 3 games to an external hard drive = overkill. if i had a library of games, that would be pretty f*cking rad!

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