Acer Aspire One – AOA-150 Recovery Partition Utility

I got a Acer Aspire One, which came from factory with XP Home installed. At some point, Windows 7 was installed as well, making it dual boot. Windows 7 ran fine, but the laptop was to be sold, therefore i needed to restore to factory settings. This presented a problem, as windows 7 removed the MBR installed by Acer, which is required to boot the PQSERVICE partition from either the Alt-F10 boot method or the Acer Empowering Technology application from XP.

So, what i did was image the PQSERVICE partition to the windows partition, mount the said image, and extract the three files MBR.BIN, RTMBR.BIN, and MBRwrWin.exe to the system partition from the mounted partition image. Then (pretty sure from windows xp) I double clicked MBRwrWin.exe and rebooted. Now, while holding the ALT key while continually tapping F10 while the ACER logo was visible during initial startup, the system will now load the Recovery Utility.

If you got an acer aspire one, aoa-150 with 160GB hard drive, here is a link to the files so you dont need to image the partition: AOA-150 MBR Utility I am not sure if that will work for the 120GB or SSD drives or not, so use it at your own risk.

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9 Responses to Acer Aspire One – AOA-150 Recovery Partition Utility

  1. omid says:

    i have simillar problem, i copied my recovery pardition to external HDD, and i installed ubuntu on my system and i format my drive in other way, so i lost my MBR too.
    i have an acer aspire one, aoa-150 with 160GB hdd, i didnt understand how copy that 3 files to where exactly?

    how to image the PQSERVICE partition to the windows partition?
    how to extract the three files to the system partition from the partition image?


    • admin says:

      Good Day there Omid,

      I am not sure about your the full details of your system, such as
      1) if you are dual booted with ubuntu/windows?
      2) how you “copied” the recovery partition to the external drive.

      My poorly written article was specifically intended as to having a functioning windows system install, along with the Recovery Partition intact on the system drive. if you have xp running and you have the PQSERVICE partition in tact, you could just download the zip file above ( ) right click, extract, and run MBRwrWin.exe from the extracted files.

      If your PQSERVICE partition is not in tact and you do not have a windows system running, while i am sure that there are ways to get the recovery partition back to bootable via the F10 method via linux partition editors, and copying back the partition data, i am going to have to recommend trying to find a disk image of the system, to get it back to factory, here is a link to a torrent containing everything one would need:

      or maybe try to get a hold of a restore dvd, and an external drive.

      good luck!

      • ken winston caine says:


        The file, AOA-150 MBR Utility, is no longer available in either location you’ve previously offered it from. Would you be so kind as to re-upload it? I need to try this.

        Thank you,

  2. Amorpheus says:

    This is an awesome utility, thanks very much, it really worked on my acer aspire one! i was in the same situation.

  3. Alex says:

    I didn’t know that I needed to press ALT+F10 to get to that utility partition. Thanks a bunch!

  4. SEBA says:

    Wow, dude, you saved my day…

    I was thinking about deleting this partition in order to install a clean Windows XP ISO on my machine (using te full hdd)…but this method is much better.


  5. CJ Mick says:

    Hey My Aspire One is currently running WIndows 7 bcause accidentally deleted the AUTORUN folder in the PQSERVICE drive and i was wandering can you please copy your AUTORUN folder and put it in a zip folder and email it to me or upload it to mediafire and send me the link here is my email: [email protected] please help me someone. I want my PC back to XP Home the way i got it. Please someone help me thats the only file thats missing and i need it, the AUTORUN folder and the files in it. Please someone send me theirs it has to be for Acer Aspire One AOA150 Windows XP Home Ed.

  6. Dale Wheat says:

    This method also works on the 120 GB version of the Acer Aspire One AOA150. Thanks for publishing this article and making the files available for download. I was able to recover after deleting Ubuntu, which left the grub bootloader looking for a non-existent partition. I really appreciate your help!

  7. emepe says:

    Thanks for this post. Was very useful to restore my Acer Aspire One 150 (I’m selling it) after I installed Ubuntu.

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