monetizing my websites.

Granted i am a complete newbie at this… i am NOT doing well at all.

the WWYB site has gotten around 50K hits, and the past week, been advertising Adult Friend Finder on it. apparently this is not going to get me rich at all.

while i am getting decent click through ratio, i am not getting leads to convert to memberships, therefore my PPC is half a penny, whereas if 1 out of 20 would sign up, i would get $1 per click.

so i have moved the blog of bangable celebrities to the affiliate program with, which might score better conversions. pays $1 per free signup, 25% revenue share, or $30 per sale. i didnt want to put nekkid ads on WWYB, but hey, sex sells. but yea, if your gonna sign up for the affiliate program 😉 use this link

Kinky Pittsburgh Swingers is still with AFF, but google had some issues with me and my Pittsburgh Swingers website, and it is still goin to stay with AFF for now.

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