saving money with cheap lunch

so i've been on this kick for a few month whilst trying to save money, by eating one $1 microwavable lunch items from giant eagle, each day at work. it kinda sucks, but i am waiting to get used to it. rather than eating a fast food value meal, premium hamburger, footlong sub, or pizza, I now eat $1 Banquet meals, or pot pies. This method I guess is moderately healthier, but check out the financial aspect:

eating at restaurants – avg $10/day
weekly cost: $50
~monthly cost: $200
annual cost (2 weeks vaca): $2500

fast food – avg $6/day
weekly cost: $30
~monthly cost: $120
annual cost (2 weeks vaca): $1500

$1 lunch a day + water/coffee
weekly cost: $5
~monthly cost: $20
annual cost (2 weeks vaca): $240

easy way to save $1200/year.

also throw in me quitting smoking… i smoked 1 pack of generic smokes every 2-3 days. we'll say 2 days, unless i was out drinking, then that is one in it self pretty much.

cigarettes – $4.50
weekly cost: $18
monthly cost: $72
annual cost: $864

there i go! since work wont give me a fuckin raise, i gave myself one. $2000 a year! woohoo!

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