2g trioclip mp3 player – firmware fun

ok, so i bricked this little thing trying to get the “shuffle” play to actually shuffle instead of skipping a random increment of 2-7 songs. it's a piece of shit, but i wanted it for when i go running. Dom gave it to me, so i felt bad throwing it out, so i spent countless hours trying to to fix it. Searching countless websites for the original firmware, installing anything i found for the sigmatel 3504 chip, since i didnt back it up. WHOOPS 😀

so i got it to kind of work now, after extracting the firmware from another, but something shit the bed on extraction, but oh well. attached you will find a copy of what i pulled from the other one.

if you need help installing the firmware, just let me know.

below is a picture:

and here is the trioclip firmware.

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