moving sucks!

So i have moved twice in 2008. First move was shortly after i got back from San Diego to find a puddle of cat piss on my bed, from Luke's g/f's cat. so i drug the mattress outside, dumped any chemical i knew wouldnt burn my skin after extended contact and let it dry for a week. barely smelled of cat piss, so i put it back in my room. no more than a week later, the cat went and pissed on it again. so i moved to Dom's after totally getting hosed for money.

a month later, i moved to my own place. i now am the unsatisfied tenant of a 2br duplex with the other side vacant. i got a garage, though it is very small, but functional. the garage door barely seals and makes the hardwood floors that i spent hours scrubbing completely frigid. atop that, my fuckin gas bill was $313 for the first month, and it wasnt even that cold. so i am pretty fucked there. i was expecting to have a $100 gas bill like before to which i took into consideration when making my budget for moving. atop this shit, i have mexicans and asians which use my back yard as a shortcut, and i am determined to make this stop at any way necessary excluding manners which would have a jail sentence in consequence. oh well you ghetto fuckers. i'll get you!

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