overdue update…

rather than just pictures and a random statement.

i just started my motorcycle safety program yesterday, with dom. it started during a thunderstorm, for which we purchased rain suits in advance, but my suit actually had a busted zipper on the jacket. anyways, we spent about 5 hours in a parking lot, first rocking the bikes around, side to side. then forward and back. then power-walking the bike across the parking lot, turning around, and repeating. then riding across and back. then going around maybe? then shifting. then weaving in between cones in a straight line, then offset cones, then quick stopping. all i have pretty much picked up. i kept getting yelled at since i use 3 fingers on the brake, as well as taking my hand off the clutch.

speaking of motorcycles, dom and i were riding in south park, just lollygagging around. Coming down the road from the road that goes down past the game reserve to corrigan dr, i hit what i thought was a small puddle which ended up being a pothole so serious that i bottomed out both shocks, jarred my bars forward, and smashed my nuts on the backbone of the frame. that really sucked, but i have learned that i really need to make sure i tighten shit down. oh fuck. just realized i need to order a brake cable for the front before the end of the month.

on the vehicle note, mandy now has the blazer, which she is giving me monthly payments for. funny, cause she couldnt make payments on her car that i put $500 in parts into after the 3rd time she wrecked it, that i did all the work on repairing…right before christmas. i bought a 2000 wrangler. its pretty freaking sweet. had no problems with it, and i really like driving it without the top and doors, provided the temperature is over 40F degrees, and not raining. its not yet been in the rain without the top, and i would like to keep it that way while the carpet and original seats are in there. maybe when i get bored, i'll pull all that out and spray-in bedliner the interior and get some neoprene/waterproof seat covers and a bikini top.

also, i have learned that i really need to stop buying shit i dont actually need. it seriously totals up to about $400/mo on random electronic shit. its an addiction. it needs to stop, right meow. i have enough crap at this point that i think i can get through another year, if i can only buy two more 4gb SD cards… lol. but then again, i did have my mp3 player shoot out my jeep going around a turn doing about 40MPH, it still works but the screen cracked and i dont know the controls all too well to get it to play what i want… so now its a dell 30GB mp3 storage device that i can use to backup my music from home and listen to it at work. but yea… no more buying shit. i have enough to get me through for years unless technology changes and i need to learn it for my career.

my career… sigh. wish i could write about it, but i'll just say i am very annoyed with the lack of communications between people here. i mean, i dont bite. why can't people tell me what the fuck is going on…

i guess i'll just go home after work today and get started on the front yard. there is anough vegitation grown now that i can rake up and bury to even out the ground level by the stares. i cant wait to get that shit working.

speaking of digging. joe and i started off at whited rather strong, but something died. we havent been down there for a month or two. sucks. i really need to ride my bike. i havent touched it since we went to chenga. i am lacking motivation about riding for some reason.


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