25 hours awake, 12 hours into the coyote hunt…

so how bout this sequence of events:
* i leave work, to find out the battery is dead in the blazer, left the lights on. got it jumped thanks to nando,
* go home to prepare for hunting coyote, involving my homemade game call using a mp3 player and amplified speakers, and getting waterprood clothes for the snowstorm.
* break my crappy mp3 player. it locked up during transfer and i couldnt unmount it, fried firmware on it when i unplugged it.
* go to use my 30GB one for 66MB of dying animal sounds, but left the cable at the office.
* come to office and get it at 9pm, stop at dicks for some snow-camo, cause that stuff is awesome. buy two “5 hour energy” shots, which taste like absolute crap, and if you take them too close together your face turns really red… i have learned.
* cant get the mp3 player to work in kubuntu, still unsure why.
* girlfriend burns popcorn in the microwave, then tried to feed it to me
* try to boot up the XP hard drive, kubuntu fried the MBR and i was too much of a hurry to try to fix that.
* get it working on my brothers computer to transfer the sounds.
* leave to get my dad at 11, almost get taken out by stupid driving a mercedes up a hill and its ass end kicked out as i was passing them with ease.
* drive out to burgettestown in a snowstorm, doing about 40mph on 2″ of snow or so around all the stupids who cant drive,
* get the the hunting spot at 1am, walk in for another 1/2 hour.
* sit in the snow for a few hours trying to make as minimal noise as humanly possible while wearing a nylon? waterproof clothes (which also makes you think there is something walking behind you meanwhile the noise is just snowflakes),
* you quickly realize there is a safety feature of your mp3 player which prevents itself from self destructing and gives you the error message “temperature too cold, shutting down.”
* you start seeing things at the decoy you set up, but you quickly learn that your mind is playing tricks on you, cause you do not have nocturnal vision, there is a snowstorm covering the full moon, and your scope light nicely illuminates snowflakes so well that you cant see through them.
* then try to the dad since he inst answering the radio or cell phone. find coyote tracks and follow them around for a bit, to within 50 yards of your original post.
* sit back down in the snow until 5:15am. trying to warm the mp3 player in your armpit.
* drive the still snow covered roads, around a lot more stupids now cause people *need* to get to work at 6am.
*get a shower and come to work, only reason not calling off was because there was word bonus checks were being given out today… to find out when you get here, that the bonus checks were direct deposited.

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