really, i will keep this updated one day.

Ok, so…

I went to Maui for Dom's wedding, pictures are here:
I had a really good time, its especially nice waking up on time, which is easy when your 6 hours behind your normal time. It really makes me think that i should live there.

Have been hunting seriously every weekend and have yet to shoot a deer. I had many chances at doe, but i really want to shoot a buck, which a pa-legal shooter has yet to come my way. Saturday is the last day in Allegheny county for archery. Hopefully i will see something at Nini's friday or saturday since i am off.

My blazer is starting to give me issues with the cooling system. i think something is clogged and causing my head gasket to leak. I flushed the coolant system, hopefully that resolves my issue.

I bought a new amd x2 3800+ system + power supply + pci-e video card. It plays doom 3 realy good, but i dont really see much of a performance gain otherwise. i need some SATA drives for RAID to maybe see some notable gain.

The VCR-PC is alive, but its not all together. I have made a homebrew PVR out of a 500MHz compaq that i shoved into a vcr case. I will need to make a writeup for this, but i was having doubts that the system would be able to handle what i was throwing at it, but it works. now i need to get it all finished up.

Work has been a little weird. I dont think they understand what Network Administrators actually do, and i think i need my job title changed, if i get the projects they want completed by the end of the year.

I will add more later. gotta do some work.

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