things i want

so… its about christmas time, so here is a list of shit i want for myself should someone see this:

the sportster wants:
1) rear peg bracket and pegs for an 04-08 sportster
2) python 3 mufflers, v&h straightshot mufflers, or cycle shack slash cut
3) 8″ mini-apes, dimpled, and drilled, and required black cables.
4) passenger pillion, suction cup, 7″

the jeep wants:
1) a fiberglass body, 65-75 cj5.
2) gas tank straps
3) 1 gallon of alive drab paint

i want:
1) a decent 220v mig welder
2) small oxy-acetaline torch setup
3) eastern grim reaper bmx frame
4) 1 gallon of forest green paint for the blazer
5) razor two blade broadheads
6) smaller digital camera, preferably SLR, lcd, flash, etc…

thats enough for now.

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