so, i am here at work and thought, man i havent written anything in a while, so lets go.

* i ended up finding a crack in my upper limb of my Martin Jaguar bow on the first day of archery season, right after i drew it back to shoot a coyote. Dad found the reciept and we took it to Dick's and explained the situation. They ended up getting some limbs from Martin and i had the bow back in 5 days. The limbs do not match the color, i will be calling them someday soon as to what to do about that.

* Rick, has lost his spleen no more than 25' from where luke smashed his down whited. kinda odd. i think i have only ridden twice since this happened on 9/10/07. Digging season is coming though. We shall see what happens.

* I bought my tickets to hawaii for 5 nights for Dom's wedding. Pretty excited. I have to finish planning his bachelor party tonight.

* My man bike… i still love it. Joe's finally getting his bike in the works. I really need to pay my bill tonight. Someone remind me to do this.

* that is enough for now.

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