brainless biker or bastard bug

so, this morning i thought i lost my wallet on the ride to work, as i needed it for some cards to do some things while at work and swore i put it in my back pocket. so i follow the route i took to work looking on the side of the rode… all the way home. ended up finding it in the pants i was wearing yesterday. so i decided to eat some cereal as i find Honey Bunches of Oats to be scrumptious.

i leave, enjoying my ride back to work due to the beautiful weather… all the way to the waterfront where i get stuck at the train tracks for the 3rd time today. I figure fuck it, lets smoke. light my cigarette and the train ended up being shorter than the last one, so i had some left. just left it in my mouth and continued my way to work as i do regularly. passing get-go, i feel a burning/pinching sensation in my back… then another at chic-fila, then another and another and another. i think to myself, 'i guess i shouldnt be smoking while doing 50 mph i guess', so i flick the cancer stick outta my hand and shake my shirt to get the cherry out. i get to work, and decide to go look in the mirror to see if there are any holes in my shirt. nothing. lift the shirt up, to see a bunch of yellow jacket stings or wasp bites or something.

the insect is still at large and considered winged and dangerous.

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