IM windows are not dos prompts…

instant messenger windows are not a command line interface to your computer. But you can enter the command there anyways, and MAYBE… just MAYBE… you can get an answer. I unfortunately did not:

[15:17] > nbtstat -a
[15:17] > ha!
[15:17] > resolve that bitch!
[15:17] Um….huh?
[15:36] Okay then
[15:38] > tell me the computer name!
[15:38] > c'mon, do it!
[15:38] > i am waaaaaaaaaiting
[15:39] Are you sure you are IMing the right person here?
[15:39] > yes.
[15:39] > i am using you a dos emulator.
[15:39] I have no idea
[15:39] > now, tell me the computer name
[15:40] see above
[15:40] > it exists. look into your netbios cache
[15:40] huh?
[15:40] > check the wins server then
[15:40] Are you just asking what the name of the computer I'm on is?
[15:41] > no, i want to know the name of the computer with the ip address
[15:41] Why?
[15:41] (and I have no idea how to do that)
[15:41] > i told you, pretend to be a computer, look into your netbios cache. if its not there ask the wins server.
[15:42] > cause i want to make sure its not in use to assign to a cluster resource
[15:42] WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT????????????

apparently, the command wasnt found.

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