So sick and tired…

I am so fucking sick and tired of shit right now… mostly its because of people and what seems to be utter lack of respect, at least i think towards me. I shall elaborate on this topic:

J.R.&A. is a company my current company hired to pretty much migrate our SAP database and application server to new servers while upgrading from NT to 2003 and sql server 7 to 2000. We have been trying to get this done for some time now. It is now August 10th… Our first meeting with the “dreamteam”, as gat and myself refer to them, was some time in January, which was essentially preparing the Production Cluster and development/test server, partitioning, settings up the OS and ect. Months go by trying to load export/import the database (which i can easily do myself), install SAP using said database, then set up clustering… i mean how hard can that shit be?!? Seriously, if someone was to give me a set of instructions that are vaguely clear, i would be able to do this in a manner of 8 hours. There is strange set of um… whats that word… politics here that seems to refuse this from happening. Instead we have paid a company almost half of my salary to NOT get this done in the past 7 months. We email, we call, we schedule downtime for production PC usage, dedicated an entire Saturday to migrate this shit and its still not fucking done. We can't even get a status update from the two member's of the team. Does that make you want to snap? it certainly does to me. I sit here daily thinking of how i want to attempt this on my own, but should something happen, i think i would get highly reprimanded for my actions. Should i say fuck it?i think so.

The next two things, i am not sure who to direct anger at, in fact i will not even mention names being they total to 30 bucks. but when you order something, and you are promised an item, i expect to recieve it. But then again, some dildo on ebay sold me a broke mp3 player, which i then in turn destroyed trying to resolder the headphone jack back on…

i can't win.

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