finally some progress…

So Saturday around 2 i started lifting my blazer… after 35 hours and $325 it is complete.  I didnt expect a body lift to take so fucking long, but i ran into some good problems doing so.

1) broke body mount under drivers floor
2) rounded off bolt above rear axle on passenger side
3) rounded off lug on rear passenger wheel
4) rear bumper was crushed, is now rather straight
5) E brake was seized up after lift.

steps to resolve these issues:

1) after fighting with PB Blaster and vise grips for many hours, my dad brought the welder and torches over. He welded a nut to the broken bolt and heated the area the bolt was stuck to.  after an hour, this came out.  it took a bit afterwards to get the new bolt in place after it cooled down.

2) My dad beat a 9/16″ socket on the stubborn bolt. came off easily, but this was after the next problem.

3) Trying to take the wheels off of this car was insanely hard. I have never seen wheels that were on so tight… we ended up rounding off a lug nut using (the wrong kind of) 3/4″ socket, my breaker bar, and a 2' extension bar.  after fighting that by trying to beat on smaller sockets, my dad started drilling out the stud. this took hours because of my drill bits suck, especially on hardened steel… after those few hours of drilling 1.5″ with up to 1/2″ bits, my air hammer knocked it off.

4) My dad did all of this… rather than let me buy a new bumper, but he straighted alot of the dent in my rear bumper out.  he did this with 2x4s and a 5 or 10 pound sledge.

5) This is still an issue, but we loosed the hell out of the cable until the wheels spun.  We believe we caused this because using the torch so close to the cable from the body mount that i broke the bolt off of.

On any note, i would like to just comment that all in all, the Performance Accessories body lift kit isnt that hard to install, should everything come off smoothly.  The only thing i see wrong with it was that the directions stated to drill a whole 1 3/4″ below the lowest whole in the rear bumper and cut a certain amount of the bumper off… these directions need to be made a little more clear, as i had problems with this. we ended up slotting the holes alot to get it to fit.

I really like the way it turned out however. it looks beefier and rides alot better with good tires on it. steering is much better too.  I am much happier. Now i need to get interior parts and a little paint, and it will be quite sweet.  Oh, and using a tape measure, the front end is 1.5″ lower than the back, so i am goin home and tweaking the torsion bars up until it is equal all around. hopefully it will come out of the garage like that. 

Check for pics later, i dont have any right now.

Oh i forgot… I broke down on my way to work. it ended up that because i forgot the tighten the air intake to the throttle body, it wouldnt go up a hill after it fell off… kinda dumb of me, but hey… whatever.

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