oh… snap!

i found this rather nifty firefox extension which enabled me to write to this without visiting the page… i like it. but this is actually a test to see if it works. Anyways i have alot to do with vehicles this weekend so i am gonna write a to do list here:

install lift kit
swap tires with the 31's i bought to my wheels
paint hood/bumper/left fender
replace rear bumper/cracked plastic piece on right 1/4 panel
replace front brakes
replace o2 sensor
replace rear window shocks
find visors/window pillar panels at junkyard.

charge battery
pick up starter from Stellar for rebuild
clean it real good
buy cb750 and chop/bob it

buy body panels
swap out
destroy hard top
find seats
make custom dash from diamond plate
replace other parts as needed…

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