creaming my panties…

ok, so i just switched from gnome to kde and changed my cd burner and oh my fuckin god!!!! i can't believe i ever stopped using kde. k3b is fuckin awesome, i think its better than nero… i just cant figure out how to change mouse behavior. after than, im whacking off to midget porn.

on another note, i bought a case of keystone ice… im pretty happy.

on another note, i have decided that i am going to try to write an application that will integrate my cell phone with Kontact and from that to a web page. reason being, i dont want a huge fuckin phone and i dont want to buy another… and i dont feel like fuckin with looking for a free app to do such to find out my phone wont work with it… i think it will be a fun little project even though i have 3 that i really need to work on before that

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