Back UP!!!!

Ok, so its been a while since the site has been online. I lacked the motivation to redesign the front end after migrating to FreeBSD, then configuring the secure mail filtering shit under a freshly compiled version of postfix. I'm sure you don't care to know about the details of the server anyways. Though its still on my only PC under VMWare server, so don't expect it being online forever.

On any note, i'm gonna tell a story to get everyone up to speed on whats been up lately. so here goes:

Since my last post, i i have sold my crx so i wouldnt drive it with a suspended license. i got $750 for it, which isnt bad considering it was free and i probably had about $500 in it with the impound fees and title transfers that occured. i then got a free 91 blazer thanks to the Shimkits. that puppy is in my basement in pieces and i need to put it back together. anyways, after i got that, i ended up quitting my job at componentone. yes i did. after 4 years i think. now i work at a stainless steel tubing mill. its much cooler, way less stress and only a 15 min drive. it was taking me 2 hours on the bus each way, and that almost drove me to suicide, but i ended up getting my license back and bought a road-worthy 96 blazer from some guy who i met online who was selling parts for a 1st gen blazer. I also got myself a nice deal on a ride snowboard from someone on craigslist. that board is one sweet ride, and i learned how to wax snowboards, so lukes snowboard is good and fast now too.

thats all i feel like typing, since i am at work and shouldnt be doing this anyways. later!

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