im not dead…

so i havent written anything in a while… here are some updates:

  • I finally got the crx on the road, legally inspected and all. fuckin thing runs beautifully after changing the throttle body, hooking up the o2 sensor, and changing the collant temperature sensor and fast idle control valve. $60 bucks for all that crap.
  • my motorcycle starter likes to blow up alot and requires me to rebuilt it every other week since i cant find decent brushes for it.
  • Louisiana Trails are fuckin rock star with the new section being finished, and the hump rocks
  • Whited is looking sick, me and joe have been trying to get the new section running back started. hopefully it wont take that long.
  • dui classes fuckin suck. i actually have homework for track 3.
  • mandy and i didnt make it to the beach.
  • i decided i need to start saving $200 month to get a new bike and to go to hawaii next year.

Thats about it

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