good from bad?

so check it out. i drove drunk, wrecked my car into another car, was apprehended, released, two days later, the same cops took my other car away, among many other things that i dont feel need be stated at this time… anyways, its been almost 2 weeks since this all started. so i've got my insurance all squared away, they actually gave me a rental and paid off the truck… the truck that i paid 5500 for was worth 8300 of which i owed 6300 on (rolled in over-balance of the rio) so i got a good bit of money there.� i also planned on selling the truck anyways, so this eliminates that problem… another good thing is that i dont go out all too often anymore, which kinda sucks, but hey, one must be responsible every now and then right? all in all i should be saving myself a TON of money… just ending up�being really fuckin bored… i mean really i watched sex in the city last night. wtf

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