didnt hit rock bottom yet…

so… its friday, i havent gotten in trouble since monday… after the entire brentwood fire department was at my house because of the gas leak. i got that car out of the impound for 90 dollars… got a new gas tank, tried to put that in last night, but it was just too damn cold and the heater in the garage broke. i got a certified letter from brentwood financial blah blah blah about something… i dunno what it is, as its probably something like back-taxes… ugh, i just cant fuckin win. plus the crx needs some more welding underneath it… i found that out last night when i took the gas tank out. this damn car needed some WORK! anyways, today is friday, and im probably not gonna drink again mostly because tomorrow night is the last day of buck season i do believe and if not i have to be in court next saturday… on a good note, i picked up my rental car… that should make getting to work more pleasant. i went and emptied out my totalled truck, i wish i took a picture. oddly there was a miller light bottle in there, and everyone and thier mother knows i dont drink that shit. i am pretty sure i am trying to be framed. i dont care though. whatever… i bet that was taken out of my garage monday morning, but i aint pointing fingers.�� but anyways, in light of my misfortunes, i can always say my friends are still there, i still have a job, and i dont do drugs, so unless i loose these three things, i think i have a way to go to being as good as dead, right? that may be the only time i wrote a positive thing in like a year… i could be wrong… its been a while since i was actually really happy… kinda sucks.

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