so the horrorpops show…

well last night was interesting… went to the highlander to start off the night before the horrorpops show in an attempt to save a lil cash, they were outta my beer, and the bitch that was working was charging too much for sam adams… then rolled to mr smalls late as fuck, got into the show, ran into the rugger's cunts. then joe and kait showed up, hung out for a bit… kait made out with some random chick whose phone number is somehow in my phone… then we went in the pit for the horrorpops which was badass, mostly because the fuckin band has 2 gogo dancers on each side of the stage. then outta fuckin nowhere, without warning, one of the ruggers bitches turned around and spit in my fuckin face… then it happened again, 5 fuckin times total. so of course i wiped it off, in her fuckin hair, warning her that if it happens again i'd kill her and her friend then threatened me with some weak words. shortly after, i walked outta the pit because i wanted to punch that girl in the fuckin face. then had some difficulty tryin to drive to denny's by my house while using a cell phone… made it to denny's, i ordered 4 pieces of sausage… went home and passed out on the couch… yup. that was fun.� question is should i do it again tonight for social d?

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