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i have been working some crazy stupid hours at work, working late with overtime, on weekends etc… im not thrilled about all of it. well since last post, i havent really done anything interesting. barely have been riding my bike, since i dont get outta work until like 8. i did go to another archery shoot, in which i lost 2 fuckin arrows at this place, which pissed me off. watched the stillers kick ass again, but fell asleep at half time. we were trying to throw a party on saturday which turned out to fail miserably… its weird when mostly everyone is over 21, they all end up going to the bars, just as we did after we learned that we are losers and cant round up troops. we were supposed to have a stiller party on sunday and that didnt work out, actually when sunday came around, i dont think anyone cared to try… i was feeling like hell, and i didnt even drink that much.

a good friend of mine came back from far away on saturday, and i have not yet seen her, and am rather am lookin forward to that, but seems it wont happen.

aside from that, life sucks.

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