i wore underwear!!! and they were NOT made for the ladies.

k, now that i got your attention:

thursday, me and joe went to go to anti-flag even though i called off sick that day. i got drunk off 8 or so beers before hand as did joe with 1/2 bottle of yager, then we went to get in, yet we were informed they sold out. so, we thought about digging, then decided it was best to go to oakland to go have fun. we went from phi -> primantis -> peters (i think) -> hemmingways, taking a walk around the block before each bar, then decided it was a grand idea to go to souf side. somehow we managed to park near ruggers to walk to bar 11, we ended up stopping by smoking joes. by the time we got to bar 11, everything was covered in sand, and joe hijacked some girl off me, who ended up being 33. oh well.

friday, rode bmx for a bit, sucked at that. then we went to the moose and ended up with the general crew minus erica. got smashed seeing a lil not-so-metal friend of mine dancing to metal. left there before they closed, went home avoiding cops the entire way, etc…

saturday, swung by mr pockets for a bit, then called a small party at the ol' house were i think we had to drink at least 90 cans of beer, me and dave dressed up real stupid, i tied him to a couch. i painted my teeth with silver sharpie, shawn passed out with his shoes on, yea just look at the pictures, you'll see me actually wearing underwear, which i havent done in like a year… i didnt like it.

sunday, we went to CKY, which really sucked since the didnt have alcohol. then left there and drove like 2 hours to get to PITT of johnstown to party with mei mei, who has really bitchy fuckin soroity sisters. we played beer pong with three people, then eventually, shawn passed out there, and i went to go find joe after i tried to kill some skunks. on the way to find joe, i was stopped by some redneck fuckin cop, who interrigated me for just about every written item on my license, and being i only drank like 1/2 bottle of tequilla and about 8 cans-o-beer, i nailed every question. he then kindly drove me to wear i was trying to go.

monday, is today. im trying to go to push in a bit to ride my bike. thats about it. maybe cookout. who the fuck knows.

lata fuckas!

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