ok the weekend thing…
thursday, went to happy hour where shots were involved, then went to doms house for “band practice”. yes we are trying to start a band… then josh and i went to the iguana and met up w/ luke + company… i was wicked smashed and dont remember much of anything… thanks to my co-workers who poisoned me with yager among other hard alcohol.

friday, i was at lunch feeling i was did something bad thursday night, which i verified through SMS however did not figure out exactly what it was, in which i apologize. then after work. went home for a bit, then went down the moose with joe… saw “whiskey shit and vomit” yea that band rocks. i liked it! after that we headed to meet up with the rest of the crew which ended up outside the iguana where emotions started pouring out like a broken fire hydrant… one of the drunkards were on the ground more of the time than walking based on the amount of liquor consumed. then we ended up at the flats were i witnessed someone trying to hit on one of the skrewloose twins, but ended up talking to the wrong one… i laughed.

saturday joe rick, krystal, and myself went to westmoreland fairgrounds where we were kicked off the premised since we wanted to tailgate before the demolition derby… got those fucking rent-a-cops or whatever they were, were stupid as shit saying there is no alcohol permitted on the property , and they were gonna get us for open container and shit like that meanwhile… there wasnt any signs and we were on private property, then they told us that krystal should drive since she only had two, meanwhile the card that she handed them was a PA ID and not drivers license… fucking pigs. then we drove down the street, and walked in, since they told us that we needed to leave the grounds… ha fuckers! then we got in and watched cars wreck into eachother… now i am determined to drive in at least one derby before i die. after that, we left in heavy rain back to the car, and ended up bouncing around bars for an hour looking for everyone.

sunday, woke up, went to the trails to dig, since it rained… though it didnt help matters any, it was still dry as shit. then went home, i put new bike parts on my bike… went out riding, stopped by doms, then went downtown to ride, which was fun. i put a good pedal bite on my shin with my new pedals so im happy… then we stopped by the moose, had a few, then rode home… fun stuff.

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