cant stop laughing!!!

i really cant fall asleep based on the fact that i keep laughing my ass off on the results of the crx. i dont really like it, but fuck it… it aint gettin better. im definately gonna need window tint. check it out

but yea… being that its 5:00, the sun is gonna come up soon, and imma pull this thing into the street to take some more pics for ya all. just click the picture. then, i am going to burger kind because they have the best fuckin sausage egg and cheese biskits for breakfast? then imma be the first one to work, weird because i just working from home from like 10:30 to 11:30 then went to the office at 12:30ish and left the office at like 3:00am. fuck do i hate working. i cant wait to hit the powerball!!!

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